Cracked Pavement

Even the toughest vehicle have a hard time maneuvering uneven and cracked asphalt. Cracks in asphalt can be a major road hazard and can cause physical damage to vehicles when left untreated.Robert E. Sutton Company Inc. works to help rectify issues with your asphalt by using crack sealing; pouring hot tar to seep into the cracks and even the road.


Crack Routing

Crack Sealing

Crack Sealing

Crack sealing is one of the most cost-effective and preventive measures that an asphalt owner can make. Crack sealing is designed to keep water from intruding into the underlying sub grade. It can prevent and inhibit sub-grade failures and costly repairs. We prepare new cracks by routing with a machine that makes the crack large enough to be able to fill from the bottom up. The routing process also cuts the sides allowing for good adhesion of the sealant. The crack is then cleaned and pressure - filled by pumping hot rubberized crack sealing material into the crack.

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